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About the project

High Time!
Among other issues, the institution’s activities are focused on the health of men aged 45+. Urban
Development has been carrying out the High Time! initiative since April 2018, as part of BELMED project
(EU-funded, UNDP-implemented).
The mentality of a large number of men in Belarus, especially in the in the countryside, is based on an
outdated behavioural pattern: after 45 years, men begin getting ready for retirement and stop pursuing
active lifestyles and pursuing ambitious targets.
Key facts and figures:
Belarus has a ‘super-mortality’ in working-age men: about 8,900 persons aged 41-60 years per annum.
Belarusians’ average life expectancy: women: 79.0 years, men: 68.9 years.
The main causes of the overall men’s mortality are circulatory diseases (46%), at the working age –
traumas and poisoning (39%).
Structure of the working-age men’s mortality from traumas and poisonings: suicide: 19%, homicide and
alcohol poisoning: 14% each, road injuries/traffic collisions: 10%.
Goal of the It’s High Time! Initiative:
Raise motivation of 45+ year-old men in Minsk Region to pursue an active lifestyle, maintain men’s
health by promoting the modern model of active longevity
High Time! Activities:
Seminars for officials and managers, media and bloggers with experts in demography and healthcare
Focus group survey: a study of the behavioural patterns of 45+ year-old men in connection with health
Development of visuals a public service announcement video for the High Time promotional campaign
in Minsk Region district centres

“Urban Development”

Social Information Institution is a nongovernmental and non-profit organisation (Belarus) established in 2016, Minsk, Belarus
Mission: develop and promote advanced approaches to creation of a favourable living environment in Belarus cities and towns.